Team Problem Solving Protocol


In order to become an effective team leader, you have to stop being such a nurse


You must stop giving orders and expecting obedience and start asking questions so your team can solve its own problems. Any time you find  yourself alone in your office trying to figure out how to solve a problem in your practice – you are being a Lone Ranger. You are working too hard.

You don’t need all the answers if you have a Vision/Goal, a Team and some good questions – ones that start with “what” or “how”.

The Team Problem Solving Protocol is a step-by-step process to launch an effective project with your team. It covers all the bases for taking on the problems in your practice as a team, with you in the lead. Asking questions and using this structure will ensure everyone is participating and you are being as efficient as possible.

The next time you and your team take on a problem in your practice, make sure you have this protocol printed out and in hand.